About SPIMAC...

SPIMAC is the creation and brainchild of Steven R. Porter, who has been a professional retailer, merchandiser, writer and advertising and marketing communications professional for over 15 years.

Back in the 80's, Steve's passion for the written word drove him from the cramped offices of his university's literary and commentary magazine where he served as editor, to the world of publishing and bookselling. It's here where he learned the day-to-day operations and management of a 125-year-old company, and eventually took personal control of its marketing efforts. Steve's insight and diligence not only garnered great success, awards and the respect of his peers, but also taught him the value of hard work and the lessons of successful advertising and marketing communications in a modern and complex world.

Then in 1999, Steve founded SPIMAC Steven Porter Integrated Marketing and Communications, LLC to serve as a mechanism to spread this knowledge and to help serve small business, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations throughout New England. Steve operates SPIMAC as a one-person shop, providing hands-on, personal service to each and every client, and calling upon his vast network of resources and professional design partners whenever needed.

Steve's efforts have taken him all over the country, and provided opportunities to work with A-list Hollywood celebrities, top sports stars and award-winning authors.

But it's at home in rural Rhode Island helping small, local businesses thrive between watching NASCAR races and coaching Little League games that is where he's most content.

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